I Support The Taxi Drivers’ Strike And, While We’re At It, Fuck White Monopoly Capital

I think it’s safe to say that South African taxi driver strikes are the peak of the mountain of strikes that continually keep happening throughout the country. I mean, it’s estimated that South Africans have on average 30 strikes a day but, no matter how unique a strike that you saw on the news the other day is, none will even come close to the traffic stopping status – both physically and otherwise – that taxi driver strikes have whenever they happen. Whenever taxi drivers decide to go on strike, the whole country has no other choice but to sit back and stare in awe at the things taxi drivers are capable of doing without worrying about being called out for doing them.


For instance, a caller on a very popular radio show this morning claimed that some taxi drivers in Jo’burg were asking for marriage certificates from couples who were travelling together in their cars – as a way of verifying that they were not just picking people off the streets and making money from them, of course – and, as odd as it might have seemed to the caller, that, to me, seemed like a taxi driver strike thing doing what other taxi driver strike things do – which is happen with zero fucks given about what other people thought. I mean, if you’ve ever had an encounter with a taxi driver in this country, then you will know that this type of thing is something they’d feel no shame doing. But really guys, taxi drivers are on a level of their own in this no-fucks-given game, and I feel like we’ve only seen half of what they’re really capable of doing.


But, before I continue with my useless comment, I think it’s important that I declare my support for the taxi drivers’ cause. The public transport system is the heart that pumps the much-needed nourishment, in the form of commuting workers, into the different veins of the economic system of this country, and, as such, I believe the decision of capital to exploit them is fucken sickening. I mean, if the taxi industry didn’t function with the admittedly minuscule efficiency that it currently does, a lot of employees wouldn’t be able to get to jobs they probably hate, only for them to listen to bosses who annoy them and, at the end of the month, be able to pay bills for things they didn’t need in the first place. So, their cause is pure, it’s just that … well, it’s just that they’re going about it in a very grandeur, taxi driver unique way.


If you’ve ever been a taxi commuter in this country then you’ll know that all taxi drivers, especially those in the general area of Jo’burg, are molded from the same clay, and by the same hand. It’s as if, while he was busy creating the universe, Father God decided to create an ideal taxi driver, against whom all potential taxi drivers have to be measured to see if they’ll be able to cut it in the taxi driving game, and the ones you see cruising through traffic on a daily basis, music volume on maximum, are the ones who made it. Basically, when they’re not busy arguing about routes and other stuff of that nature, all taxi drivers sort’a kind’a behave the same way and do the same things. But, even with their little faults, all taxi drivers are still all levels of baws at what they do, and I always commend them for that.


Anyway, I really don’t know what fruits this strike will bear. Maybe White Monopoly Capital (yes Trevor, I said White Monopoly Capital) will grow a conscience and decide to not continue exploiting people who are trying to make a living. But then again, you can’t expect anything but shit from a bunch of shitbags, so that option is a definite no-no. Or maybe the public sector will come to the rescue of the ordinary man. Actually, who am I kidding with that option? Those fuckers are probably sipping cocktails at that Saxonwold Shebeen I’ve heard so much about, so this is definitely not an option I should be thinking about.


But, whichever way this strike will end, I hope that the taxi drivers and, as a consequence the commuters, come out on top. I’m tired of White Monopoly Capital (I said it again Trevor!) always coming out on top. It’s about time the people, whoever they may be, win.


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