I Have Two Boils On My Body, And I Blame Bloemfontein For It

I’m a little sick, so this one is going to be a small one. And, I need a new haircut! Anyway, here goes nothing:


So far, my stay here in Bloemfontein hasn’t been that bad. In the few months that I’ve been here I’ve managed to meet and make friends with some pretty amazing people, do some pretty stupid things and, to top it all off, I recently received a message in which I was referred to as a Bloemfontein resident. So, all in all, even with the little experience I have of living in Bloemfontein, it’s safe to say I’ve got nothing but good things to say about living here. Well, that’s only if you take away the hectic school-work that seems to continue to pile up every week, and the fact that the environment here at the university is not Black-man-friendly. Other than those things, Bloemfontein is nice-ish.


Unfortunately, though, my health hasn’t been as hunky-dory as the other parts of my life since I moved here. In the past two months alone, I’ve had over eight boils come and go as they see fit in my armpits, and I currently have two more that have decided to terrorize me and make my life a living hell. I don’t know why – maybe it’s the White privilege infested weather in the Free State – but my body is just rejecting life in Bloemfontein.


It’s like my whole body is using sickness as a tool to reject the whole of the Free State – but Bloemfontein in particular – and its White fuckery; like my body has decided that it will punish me for moving to the Free State by becoming more sickly, and it’s irritating the hell out of me.


This is surprising because health wise, I’m better than most people – well, at least the ones that I know. I mean, I don’t get sick very easily (I can’t remember ever spending more than 6 hours at a hospital because I was sick), and whenever I do get sick, it never lasts more than a mere two days. Which makes me wonder: what is it about living in Bloemfontein that makes me so sick so often? Is it the fog of white privilege that’s so thick in the atmosphere that it’s actually starting to poison my body? Or is it just my body telling me that I need to get the hell out of this fucken town before something bad happens to me?  I don’t know what it is but whatever it is, it is consistent and extremely painful – and I fucken hate it!


After drifting in a sea of pain for a couple of days and not being able to eat, sleep, or live like a normal person, a Good Samaritan on campus decided to help me out and get me some very strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills – you know, to help me kill the pain and make me feel like a human again. I’m feeling better now but knowing my body, this is not gonna last for a long time. Well, until I get sick again, I’m gonna enjoy feeling like a normal person.


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