Hellen Zille Is Still The Leader Of The DA, And Mmusi Is A Puppet

Whenever it comes to political education, I’m never the sweetest fruit in the basket. As a matter of fact, whenever I find myself unfortunate enough to be involved in a political debate, my contributions to said debates never go beyond me quoting Biko out of context – and, as a result, delay the development of the debate – and nodding my head with enough zeal to mask my confusion well enough to make onlookers think I’m following what is happening.


Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the level of my political education is equal to the level of power that Mmusi Maimane has as the “leader” of the DA: minimal, if not zero.


But, even with my minuscule political understanding, I still know enough to understand that Hellen Zille is just another example of Whiteness finding comfort in parading its privileges in the faces of Black people, knowing that it won’t be punished for it and that she, together with her White friends, are the real people leading the DA.


I mean, the woman not only felt comfortable enough to basically call our brutal and blood-stained history a “bad but not so bad thing”, she later, in her own White way, told her political party to go stuff itself when they asked her to apologise to the nation for her fuckery, and has now shown them the middle finger and made it clear to them that her White privilege will forever be the political cane on which she will balance her fucked up existence as a political person and derive an ignorance to the harm that the shit that comes out of her mouth (or, in this instance, out of the tip of her fingers) causes to the nation.


The latest schizophrenic episode of the DA – one minute announcing they’ve suspended count-Zilla from the party, only for them to later announce that they, actually, didn’t – was a direct result of the power that Madam Hoarse-Voice wields in the House Of Blue, and a clear indicator of how Rev Mmusi is nothing but that Black friend that the White people in the DA are all happy to say they have – ya’ know, as a way to show how progressive they are.


In all honesty, with the way things are going, I think it’s quite obvious that Count-Zilla and her pale-faced buddies will forever be the deciders of how the DA conducts itself, politically and otherwise, and that there is no amount of Obama-like and accent switching speeches that the good Rev can deliver to change it.


I can’t believe I voted for this shitbag of a political party once!


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